Powering the 5th. State Conference on Driving Project Success through improved Work Life Balance !

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We live in a ubiquitously connected world where we are plugged in seamlessly across multiple devices. Slowly we have erased the distinction between work and non work hours. Even when at home or outdoors we are in our work elements skyping or checking mails. We have forgotten to live the small moments in life as we get immersed digitally on our connected devices . This is leading towards a stressful and overworked environment. Burnouts, loss of health, depression , marital divorce and even suicides have been on the rise.
Gallup states that globally 19% of workforce report sick due to work related stress and resulting imbalance. The same report goes on to suggest that a balanced and motivated team member shows 21% higher productivity than normal. WHO reports that apart from physical stress ,  35% of work related stress leads to mental health problems.
This statistics aside… Another report states that by 2020 .  50% of our teams will be composed of millennials and Z generation who have varied workplace preferences and career goals.
All these factors set the stage for a dire need for a discussion on the need for Driving Project success through improved Work life balance on our teams , thereby building awareness on the theme of this conference.
I recollect Bryon Dyson, Former CEO Coca Cola quote …
In life we are constantly juggling 5 -6 balls at a time. Among them Work is a rubber ball while Health, Social, Friends, Family, and Spirit are glass balls. A rubber ball if dropped can always bounce back while the glass balls once dropped will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, damaged or even shattered.
Enough said… come and join us on September 25 at our fifth state Conference for a day long discussion with thought leaders who have walked the talk on work life balance.
I would like to sign off reminding you of the famous quotes of Dr Kalam. “Always leave office on time, as work is a never ending process….”
This is Syed the Conference director signing off. Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference. Until then Inner Peace !


Required IT Professionals for Dubai !

Looking for professionals with following Skill set for a Client in UAE (Dubai)

3 Nos – Java Technical Lead
5 to 8 Years of Experience
Core Java/J2ee with expertise in EJB 3 and JSF 2.2
Database (Oracle SQL & PL/SQL)
HTML 5 / CSS 3 Knowledge
Springs / Hibernate / JQuery skills are desirable
Good Communication Skills
Should have prior experience of leading teams and designing the solutions for J2EE based Applications

8 Nos – Java Developer
3 to 5 Years of Experience
Core Java/J2ee with expertise in EJB 3 and JSF 2.2
Database (Oracle SQL & PL/SQL)
HTML 5 / CSS 3 Knowledge
Springs / Hibernate / JQuery skills are desirable

3 Nos – Java Web Designer / Front-end developer
3 to 5 Years of Experience
Web designing with knowledge in Java / J2EE with Expertise in JSF 2.2
Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
Good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, DurandalJS …etc.
Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
Well versed with Industry Best Practices with respect to User

Mail us at syed@avereconsult.com

Back to blogging here after three years! Its been crazy ride

This was long due and thought of initiating this on my birthday ! A lot of high’s and low in the previous year. Innumerable presentations with VC’s and Prospective Investors about Airpod and Avereconsult. Mentoring activity in PMI on Agile and on Social Media. Delivered my first PMI presentation outside Region 11 at the APAC LIM at Bali

Followed by heading social media strategies for the PMI National Conference 2015 (Bengalooru) for the 4th consecutive year. At workplace had the opportunity to present on Precision Farming with Airpod at the National Conference on Reinvigorating Agriculture Innovations for Farmers (RAINFED 2015) at Hyderabad and furthering of the product marketing discussion for Africa with ICRISAT .

Early 2016 took on the additional responsibility of powering Social Media Strategies for PMI India starting the #pmrc16 campaign for the First Regional Conference at Kochi and just yesterday we crossed half million monthly impressions on Social Media. Also presenting a workshop for PMI Leaders at LIM Colombo.

Looks like an exciting year ahead  after that terrible health scare and harrowing experience of Floods. For more regular updates follow me at @pmiagile and @joesat . Going forward one thing I will be adopting is to update my blog