“Scrum” ur Development and your teams

Scrum is suplemented to Xp programming

There is a Product owner for any development. Product owner provides a product feature list.

A typical scrum team is 5 members with 2-3 basic coders + 1 visual designers+ coordniator cum researcher. They undergo a Sprint cycle. A typical duration of sprint cycle is 1 – 4 weeks. Mind you these sprint cycles once decided is not flexible in duration. Caution to team members Never over commit . Deliver a presentation of end deliverable or product. The teams come back and see what has been built…The product owner reviews it and either approves the sprint or cancel the sprint.

First sprint cycle – team overcommits and if they dont deliver then they need to take responsibility for it

Second cycle Sprint the team fearing previous failures tends to undercommits and feel that they can do betterThird sprint cycle people optimise. There are daily standup meeting for 15 mins . Review on what did the team got done since last meeting helps reshuffle and is a cool experience to realign their strategy. Scrum teams break down personal barriers and make workplace comfortable..

There is a scrum master is like the sheep dog of the scrum team and he is empowered to do anything to protect the team from external forces and that ensures focus is required. Yahoo podcast was done in this scrum teams and it did in record times less 30% time and also works on colocated offshore teams as well. Ideally by video conferences and two different team standup meetings as on different time zones. And all list was sent back and forth to be update in standup meetings as well.Scrum can be championed into the organization by typically someone like on a top down model.


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