Setting trends in News integration and feeds for personal viewing

Hi all,

I came across Arjun back at Barcamp chennai but couldnt get an opportunity to hear him on Taazza as we had one of our friends (Ram) was presenting something great on internet rich applications from the house of Adobe (A product called Flex). Today after having a snapshot on Taazza i realised i had missed a " killer " that too done on ROR.

First of all Great work Arjun, perseverance really pays and it shows in your product. We see a visible differentiator and a value sell to see it better than Memmorandum and google news. " I see you think global and act local". Thanx for the vision that you are currently keeping the site clean and focussed,

But at an afterthought sometime down the lane dont you feel Taazza will succumb to the commercial bug thus compromising the vision and settling for much lesser ideals … bcos you need to oil the infrastructural machinery more so…

Is there a visionary objectve and also are you prone to acquisitions …only time will tell. But for today Taazza is really fresh and its upto the ace founders to keep it that way!

Congrats guys!


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