Business and Emotions

Indians today commend in doing business with rest of the world in a global platform. We excel in our deliveries technically and also ensure strong practices are enforced in place in order to facilitate the customer of the global village. Yet in todays corporate world we find that we are bound to some nuances of business that are still influenced by culture, emotions and local orientations.

We as Indians know tend to do more than we promised (There is always a free meal). We prioritise work as primary and dont mind working on a weekend. We look for auspicious fridays, wednesdays and mondays. We tend to fly on business trips abroad over weekends and still be at office on the following day. Even our systems posses the holy mark in it. We are very much culturally oriented. Yet today our workplaces are virtual boiler rooms where we are subject to so much stress , time deliveries, extended work hours, missed or very late lunches. Our mind is always on overdrive. Listening to music while at work is snubbed upon. We dont mind virtually living at work. We so patronise work that we seldom focus on health. Whats happening to this ubericios crowd? We havent heard of burnout at workplace. But if we continue this kind of activity i am sure we will hear more incidences of psychological imbalances and nervous breakdown. We need to wake up to better health. Japan does it for the last 15 yrs, Korea has been following it for 5yrs Its high time we follow suit. Better health, better mind leads to best work!

 Some of the stress busters are listening to music, get out of ur seat once in 30 mins go for a stroll keep the conversation short light and sweet. Create a ritual to talk to someone totally disconnected to your work over lunch if possible over the one. I do all this …. I listen to Enya, Hindi Remixes, james blunt, buddhabar, cheb mami, ashanti and black eyed peas. I have a malcolm gladwell book on the desk for a quick break. Find your comfort and build a routine to break the monstrous monotony in life.


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