Is the Realty sector waiting for a Price correction ? June 19, 2006

For the Last 14 months the Indian realty sector has been facing a very bullish trend. With over inflated prices driven by rising trendsin "Offshoring Business of BPO" real estate has undergone a trementdous growth and we see that it has become a dream for the commoner. Signs of such growth are available all across the three satellite cities in IT in the south. Chennai, Hyderabad and bangalore are growing into the neighbouring towns with extensive plans and lucrative commercial projects.

Take Chennai for instance we see growth till Mamanddur, Chengalpet in the southern end which was infact 78 kms from chennai city. On the bangalore highway we fine that the growth has extended upto Sri perumbudur with giants like Nokia, Hyundai, and St Gobain setting extensive units.

But today with the Stock market collapse many experts feel that this will impinge the Realty market in a major way. Reports from the exclusive interview of a top official in a Top MNC bank also confirm the same. Do all these report bring real hop to the individual investor who dreams of a home ? Only time will tell…Nostradamus ! are you there?


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