Stocks to Pick in Indian Sensex June 10, 2006

We are living in interesting times ……

Despite the market meltdown across the world resulting in wipeout of all wealth creation of the last 16 months we do find that there are some interesting stocks coming on the IPO route in this month.

DLF IPO is and interesting pick as they are very focussed on realty segment. Prime properties across delhi, gurgaon and pune are currently developed by them. They are investing heavily on IT sector belts on realty. Also with a diversified approach to business. Only 3 companies in india have approval for private airline set up and DLF is one among them.

GMR IPO is also a hidden gem. They have taken up Delhi airport privatisation from big competitors in this market like L&T , Reliance, Tata, ABB and the lot. GMR is also vying for a lot of infra projects across india as we all know the next big thing in India is to be in the infrastructure business.

Both the companies are coming on IPO front in the lag end of this month and are a good buy.

Tomorrow AIRDECCAN is listing in the market. The issue price was fixed at 143. And owing to market conditions and uniqeness of Airline sector and Air deccan per se… i foresee the scrip trading at 90 levels only. But given the airline market we can foresee possibilities of acquisitions and this might spike prices bit. (Point to note is even Jet airways is trading at a 52 week low in current conditions )

Did nt someone say that we live in interesting times ahead…


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