Bloggers Dream on production

Guess what this morning we were convening a meeting to set India's First Blog Camp. This will be the first of its kind. Plans are underway to get some of the top bloggers in for the camp. This is a much bigger platform and involves even Non IT people. Planning to invite guys like Robert Scoble from Scobelizer and some top bloggers from Technorati, Blogsource, myspace and from all over India. We are planning this somewhere around 9, 10 septemberish. Going to be pretty hectic and we are a team of 14 professionals in the organizing end. We are on the initial phase with so much of work to do like scouting for venue, setting infrastructure planning, planning guest list, media promotions, listing topics for presentation, scouting for sponsors and organizing cum planning the entire event.

I will be incharge of organising to contacts to all lead bloggers to cover the event pre and post and I invite all bloggers at chennai and nearby to … if possible drop in and contribute by sharing knowledge. I will also be co authoring the website design work and content management. Anybody would like to contribute to it can just volunteer in we will be glad to share. We forsee this to be a mega event and also we expect a typical unconference approach to it. We are all very excited about it. We live in interesting times….So all you geeks and blogger get out of your bean bags and couches and come to this event share your skills, eccentricities, chill out and hang loose for the two days. We look forward to seeing everyone of you to be there. Venue and Dates are subject to changes as it all depends on so many factors

And later tonight Fuente is giving a lead presentation in The Vascular Society of India on an IT Advisory role at Hotel Green Park to a group of 50 Surgeons in Chennai. (For geeks and non medical people: Vascular surgeons are those that do the bypass surgeries, stent, angioplasty so on. Surgery is an art). Basically we will be covering on Web presence and IT initiatives to be taken to promote VSI and Medical tourism in India. This happens to be a current trend in the market. Already a lot of people from East (like malaysia, singapore, vietnam, hong kong, indonesia, brunei) fly to india for better treatment, doctors, better care and now even countries in the west (US, France, Canada) are following suit. Today India is a key destination in the Medical tourism map. And with a nexus with our already established IT industry, this flourishing medical tourism can now look forward to some good growth and great scope for doctors in India.


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