Bloggers RFI (Right for information)

I just returned back from a business trip of 5 days totally occupied on things that i had missed one of the red calls of the blogging community. Banning and blocking of blogs in a democratic society and measures taken were so absurd. All the govt. had to do was block a couple of websites and a couple of blogs. We are against terrorism and propoganda supporting such unjust cause. But to treat all blogs in generality to the same treatment and blame it in the name of Terrorism is taking things too far…This is India and we are celebrating democracy for the last 5 decades

Splinter groups and misguided youth taking advantage of technology is not new to the world. Back in 70’s didnt the same happen in USA when every person in the street was on a peak for the right to carry a fire arm and the subsequent ATF. There are a lot of bloggers who do pitch in some good viewpoints and it might be anti establishment or rhetoric but that doesnt give the right to censor such views.

The forthcoming blog camp is also going to have this as one hot topic of discussion and debate. Hope we all find some neutral ground on the same such that even the blogger can take the responsibility to curb activitues like terrorism and come out with ideas on the same .

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