Tripping at work

For the last few days i am trying to coordinate thought on a interesting technical concept and the creative juices arent so free flowing. Blaming it on the monsoon lethargy, too much of workout at the gym or better still my associate is out of town so covering up work. But this is one assignment i want to finish asap as it involves so many things so what i plan to do is to lug the laptop and change my venue of work until i finish the exercise. Planning to go to some resort and sit on this and finish it. As a preamble to it i am having a brainstorming session later today to ensure that i collect all thoughts together on this. Hopefully i will make it back in time for the Blogcamp organizer meeting.


2 thoughts on “Tripping at work

  1. One of the best blogs ever seen, now wonder its from a fantastic human being…Nice knowing you of late, we shall rock. Hope u have fixed issue you had when u made this post…cu soon

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