Sleepless at Chennai !

For the last couple of days all bloggers who are a part of the blog camp are spending late nights on meetings, teleconferences and working on rough drafts design, uploads , downloads, discussions over skype, Chat, mailing and a lot of yapping on the fone. There is a feverish trend that has set in everyday i see at least 50 mails coming in from this group. Mails start at 7 in the morning and go on until 2.30 in the night. Some guys are really working on bizarre timings that i rethink if is it just me or all like minded professionals are the same. Great Sparks of ideas keep flying and believe me you wouldnt want to get in the way.At times like this so many of us realise that we do have a better half bcos they are very patient and tolerant to all our late nite disturbances. I would even appreciate the bachelors who have been spending quality time working towards this common cause rather than be out partying or to movies. Is it the Rang De basanti effect.
Whatever it is, it is really gathering a lot of momentum and the snowballing effect will continue. We will all take back the pride of hosting an India based event successfully. Work hard ! Party Hard!
Kudos to The Knowledge Foundation Team.


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