HP Pavilion Series comes home!

Today i recieved a new notebook (HP Pavilion Dv 2025 with AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile technology TL-50 1.6 ghz and 512 k cache) , 1 Gb RAM, 100 GB Hard drive with DVD R/RW . This is my third notebook and the second from HP. And its a steal of a price from the shelf at http://www.bestbuy.com. The RAM makes all the difference in the performance. I usually have my system up for 14 hrs nonstop and use it extensively for skype, conferencing, chat and for RFP preparation. Keeping my profile in mind i was shopping for a system to match the same and there was HP with this model that had all the features like the webcam, mic , greater performance and attractive price tag. This system is amazingly light and the looks kill. For the looks i would rate the Apple as the best and then there was an Acer Ferrari Limited edition that was good and HP Pavilion comes the near third. It has a feature called the quick play for DVD’s and that is the value for money. Couple that with a projector you have a home theater experience. Always HP carried some good accoustic speaker. This systems comes with a Altec Lansing speakers and it is great. There is one more feature in this HP dv2025 that is the small swicth that is available in the system which can switch on/off Wireless Lan with an indicator lamp(relates to ease of use). I am yet to check out the DVD writing capabilities of the system its carries a system called the Light scribe. Totally the system carries a big smile from me. I am now trying to test the system to my normal working hour limits and check it durability to withstand the pounding it will get in the months to come. As of today i am content and hats off to HP. The looks and performance in a machine! Previously i had a HP and that was excellent in performance and durability except for a minor glitch that whenever the system was up continuously for more that 5 hrs all of a sudden the keys "G" and "H" will not work. I thought it was something to do with me misusing the system. But got similar complaints from some of my friends too. At one point of time i had nearly given up that HP models are like that. But later i realised the kind of heavy usage i was putting the systems through and the way in which it was responding well. Except for that glitch everything is fine even till date. Hope they come out with a fix on those models. That would make me doubly joyful.


One thought on “HP Pavilion Series comes home!

  1. Hello, I came here through Google when I did a search on HP Pavilion notebooks. I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv2000t and I am experiencing a ‘problem’. Whenever I play DVDs on the notebook and I use Quickplay the film will experience 2 glitches in approximately 60 minutes. The film will freeze for like a second, sometimes this occurs with sound as well as the image. I don’t have other programs running. Are you experiencing this as well? I hope you don’t mind my asking you this question, thank you in advance! -Nancy

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