Abba, my inspiration and guide

I can`t forget your face it`s been burned into my memory our last goodbye our last embrace.
Where has the time gone it doesn`t seem that long?
It`s almost that time of year again since you`ve been gone; it doesn`t seem that long.
You were my hero and my friend so where am I to turn your no longer here.
There is an emptiness in my heart that has been torn apart.
All I have now are fond memories of you, your smile, and your face with you I never felt out of place.
You took my hand when I was young guiding me and teaching me to be much more than what i am today.
How distinctly i remember your classes in astronomy and physics that u used to astound us in those dark nights.
I try to remember your voice, your laugh but that`s all lost in the past.
I had just a short amount of time with you but in my matured years.
Today I wish you are there beside me telling me if i am on the right path or warn me if i am wrong.
I know you didn`t want to go, it wasn`t what you chose.
I wish I could have been with you but it wasn`t meant to be that way there is nothing more to say.
Rest in peace Abba(Dad), my hero, my inspiration, my guide and friend


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