Dream down the memory lane…

"Dream ….When I want you in my arms, when I want you and all the charms…whenever I want you, all I had to do was dream
When I feel blue in the night and I need you to hold me tight..whenever I want you, all I had to do was dream dream dream
I can make you mine.. taste your lips of wine anytime night or day..Only trouble is i will be dreaming my life away"***
The first time i listened to this song was back at college and you could really taste the essence of this song to the extent expressed by the singer. Reminiscing that today over a rainy night brings back those fond memories alive. During those college days at PSG it was just such a small world with just your friends, your girlfriend and your parents. And this by itself was considered a crowd. Evening strolls to a place called Egypt just behind the college so that we are at the end of the runway of the airport. Those times coimbatore airport was just a blip in the air traffic map and there used to be an evening flight that used to take off just running towards us and to absorb all that in sight by itself was an experience. We spend most of the monsoon days listening to tapes like belafonte, clayderman, paul mariat, foreigner, simon garfunkel, mark knoffler and the rest. Just a gang of buddies who still keep in touch 12 yrs after college but all branched out into different areas. Thinking of all that is like it was yesterday. 
In a similar blog camp meet i found out that Kennedy (http://www.askenni.com) passed out of our college at the same period and he distinctly remembers it all.
***Source of lyrics http://deva.clearlight.com/~acsa/introjs.htm?/~acsa/songfile/ALL1IHAV.HTM
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