“Life is a Marathon, not a 100 M Sprint” So is Investing

How people invest, in general ?

“A friend of mine, asked me to buy this stock”
“You can buy that stock, as it is recommended by this newspaper”
“I am trying to copy cat a Fund Manager’s Portfolio”
“I bought this because it is less than Rs.30/- (cheap!!!!)”

When I hear such statements, I just cannot control laughing at them……..

It is advised in general to buy value, rather then follow a particular trend or go by gut feeling. But……..People go by market trend, glamourous brand and speculation. Sehwag or Tendulkar ? That is the big question. We have seen both these players battle it out in the middle. We have seen more of the latter. But at this point of time, I would put my money on Sehwag, for the simple reason that he has tremendous growth potential. Likewise it has to be value when choosing a particular stock

Do plenty of research before deciding what or what not to buy. “Everything has got a price tag” – I firmly believe in this. If you buy on a tip / trend, without analysis, chances are very high that we are taking wrong footing. A tip / hint is a way to making fast money, quite dangerous. We all should realise that Life is a MARATHON not a 100m dash. So is Investing ! Quick Profits are glamorous but short periods are dangerous for investments, especially in equity.

Leave your investments time to grow. Expect realistic returns. This is apt especially to not so affluent investors. Investing is a Profession by itself. It requires discipline, dedicated time and adequate knowledge. If some one cannot spend, 4 to 5 hours every day, then better stop investing in the market directly. Leave the job to a Fund Manager. Opt the Mutual Fund route. It pays to take a decision now !

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