What are you doing with your Life ?

Serving my time at Earth

Yesterday night I was returning home from a call by 10:00PM.  I was coming through Saidapet.  I happened to wait at a signal point.  What I saw after that is troubling me till now…..

15 – 20 People of varied ages were sleeping in the pavement.  They were not bothered by the sound of the horns, busy traffic, breath stopping smoke emanating from HMVs & the bright light that kicked of darkness.  A two year old baby with nothing to support under the tiny head, on hard rock pavement, lying close to his/her mother, unmindful of the stinking drainage and mosquitoes was a pathetic scene.  Except the solace of lying close to the mother’s love zone, what is it that the baby is experiencing ?

What are they doing with their lives ?  Do they have a Profession (is it the right word)? Do they have a dream or is that also sleeping ? I could see with the way they were lying, that they had done hard physical work in the day that passed. No home, No possessions, No comforts ! All these at whose fault ? Is it God’s Plan ? Is it Society’s adventure ? Is it lack of education ? Is it the result of petty politics ?  Nothing to talk about their lives but so much to think about !

Shiv Khera in his book “YOU CAN WIN” says – “Live when you are alive, Do not die before you are dead”.  Are these people dead already ?  I am sure Saidapet is not the only place witnessing there horrible things.  Who is the Saviour of these Souls never searching anything in this amazing world?

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4 thoughts on “What are you doing with your Life ?

  1. My view is 180 degree opposite to what has been quoted here. According to my view they are the people who are living very peacefully than people living in very beautiful and comfort house with great profession. In general they are the one who is enjoying what life is into.

  2. The other side of their life is what you are talking about.

    But I feel this way…..

    We did not choose to live a life here consciously. Having born we need to have a purpose in life. It is this SEARCH that gives most of answers !

  3. Imagine no possesions,
    I wonder if you can,
    No need for greed or hunger,
    A brotherhood of man,
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    John L

  4. most people in pavements have lost interest in life. i once interview about 10 of them for a college project and found that they dont want to be helped. many are alcoholics and have been discarded by their families.

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