Lage Raho Munna Bhai !

Usually hollywood is an expert when it comes to delivering sequels of any hit movie. Right from Omen, Jaws, Die Hard, Jurassic Park to Pirates of the Carribean they churn out some amazing pieces. And bollywood had never ventured in this direction at all as most of the films were boy meets girl, falls in love  then there is a problem and then happily lived ever after. Those that tried failed miserably. But folks pls break all this mindset before seeing this movie Lage Raho..Munna Bhai.

Munna Bhai lage raho…is a total laugh riot. Could very much say that it is the blockbuster for 2006 from bollywood. Bhai and curcuit have done a great job. The film is all about them and also a great comedy. You dont have to see Munnabhai MBBS to follow this movie. One of the best comedies of recent times. Here is a movie where you can spend 2+hrs on total entertainment. 

Do comedies carry a message ! Hey chill thats where Vidhu chopra has put his trademark. There is and underlying moral in the entire movie and the directors drives home that message audaciously clear. So many movies like Gangster, Fanaa, KANK all  drawing flak compared to the hype that was created. This movie is a breeze of fresh air to the regular run of mill releases. Total entertainer for all ages. with all intention to see it again. Hats off to Munnabhai (Sanju bhabha) and Circuit (Arshad warsi) ..lage raho…

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