All roads lead to Blog Camp 2006 at Chennai

Last night on an online discussion just me and kiruba were discussing on the future plans for Blog Camp and we fell into the rut of how things were easy for us because we had the venue as chennai and slowly the comfort feel started creeping in to the extent that we decided lets leave it to the crowd and see if anyone else comes with better suggestions and bigger team from other cities to pursue this initiative in 2007.

For today we found the following as very advantageous because the venue is chennai…

1. The Blog camp admin team is more than 60 + bloggers strong and 80% of that committed crowd is based at chennai. Getting that kind of synergy to help organize an event of this magnitude was easy.

2. Most of the sponsor companies have vested interest on the Target population (yuppie IT crowd) and chennai happens to be one of the happening IT capital in india.

3. We had some gracious support from the press like New indian express, CNN-IBN, Deccan Chronicle, Enewss and we had some good connections and access to them from our own circles. Without the makings of the press we wouldnt have got this visibility.

4. Accessibility : Since the event falls in sync with Connect 2006 we expect a lot of footfalls in the event and at the same time its totally a event done by a group of individuals who have taken to blogging as passion but getting the same kind of space as to a governement sponsored event is also a major plus.

There are a multitude of other reasons why chennai is the happening place in the world of technology.

But for now things are toning down and we look forward to the great event itself.

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Future of Online marketing

Online marketing has evolved around so many areas like site hits, page visits, page ranking, and sticky eyes. Today with the advent of internet pervasiveness and the expansion of bandwidth at varous levels newer forms of marketing using compelling media like audio recordings that are converted into podcast and home grown videos are converted into optimised videos on youtube or google videos. Thus taking content to the world is now easy and doesnt need you to move mountains but the next challenge will be in attracting the target audience to the context relevant content. Thats a big challenge where a lot of marketers are adopting traditional methods to gather the relevant momentum. Today PR is easy but reach the right audience to translate all this PR into effective sales and bottom lines is where a lot of us are working on. For the moment pls listen to this intertesting podcast from Robert Scoble which revolves around how corporates are using blooging to do marketing online effectively. 

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