Lessons learnt at Blog Camp 2006, Chennai

Last evening the Blog Camp Admin group had convened at Anokhi to wrap up the various outstanding issues of the event and do a post mortem of the same. We also wanted to recapitulate the lessons learnt from the event. Some key points that were discussed encompassed freezing on the following features:

1. Blog camp.in will become a common site hereafter and this chennai event will be a part of www.blogcamp.in/chennai .
2. Any takers who would like to spread the word or host another blog camp in their city of choice could always contact us and the blog camp admin is all willing to help and volunteer all the pitfalls and measures to be taken.
3. The current blog admin group would like to carry forward their team spirit and hold focussed workshops targetting niche areas and bringing in experts to address those niches starting this weekend at sunil’s place
4. All the more a compelling reason to fast track The knowledge Foundation
5. In a month we might hit upon the next big thing and start working on it…
6. As for now more on celebration and new networking will be the agenda for the day.

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3 thoughts on “Lessons learnt at Blog Camp 2006, Chennai

  1. Hi syed,
    I have received very positive and encouraging feedback from anand (who represented enewss) at blogcamp chennai. We really appreciate giving us the oppurtunity to be associate sponsor.

    Also one more aspect that arised out of my discussion with anand was to kick start the same euphoria witnessed at chennai in Hyderabad.

    We would like to start in a small way in hyderabad. Could you help us in this effort?
    Please let us know, if anyone else has already started this effort in Hyderabad, if not we will be more than happy to do there.

    Any help/transfer_of_knowldedge will be highly appreciated and duely recognized.

    Please email us at srikondoji@ebulawa.com

  2. extremely sorry that you took it in that way.. i think u missed the comment which i posted on my blog against the same post..
    it was that i thought you were offended by my continuous asking of questions, and you were trying to shut my mouth.. so i planned a dig.. but i found out the reality only later,.. but thought i could dig anyways..real sorry if you got offended.. it was my fault.. if you need to check my comment which i posted against the post,
    here it is: ” Actually… i mistook what he said.. sorry sayed.. but actually, when he told his company name, i thought he was trying to stall my slew of questions, or simply said, to shut my mouth.. but actually, i saw the name on the wiki, and realised my misunderstanding.. but i thought it was too sensy to leave it…”

  3. Syed, good to know of discusions held last evening. Pls keep action happening on getting The Knowledge Foundation registered asap. Pls also send a good ‘thank u’ message to all sponsors…see you soon…

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