Web 2.0 in Fashion = Fashion Blogs

Last weekend at the Blog camp 2006 conference i chanced upon meeting Mr. Lakshman a top executive of a leading Fashion House in India and we immediately hit it off talking about fashion. What followed was an interesting dialogue between me, sunil and Mr.Lakshman which i fortunately recorded as a podcast and will be made available here as soon as i have compile and edited it into usable form. For the benefit of all those who would like to read about here is an excerpt from the discussion…

“Fashion trends today is a top down approach globally whereby most of the trends are driven to the masses by only handful of people like Designer, design houses, celebrities & artist, manufacturing houses so on. This traditional topdown approach can be redefined by blogging about fashion.

Today youth come about defining trends in the fashion world and with the web evolving so fast this kind of inputs as blogs can drive the industry to redifine trends with a bottoms up approach ”

That is what FashionIQ Blogs aims to pursue with a visionary zeal. Pls hear this interesting transcript / walk the talk in entiriety here. Is this what we can define as Web 2.0 in Fashion.

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