Forthcoming Blog Camp Admin meeting – N-logue !

This morning i was scheduled for a meeting with Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, professor IIT Chennai on a project related to TeNeT (Telecom and Networks Group) thanx to our common friend Dr. Osama Manzar. As scheduled i arrived at the pristine IIT campus to meet Dr. Ashok. The meeting was attended by Mr. Falguni , Ms Saloni and Ms Aarthi . What ensued for the next 2 hrs was an interesting outline of a project on how we bloggers can make a big difference in the digital divide of india and measures we could take and contribute to empower rural india to bring to the global platform.

This project will be discussed in more detail in the forthcoming Blogcamp admin meeting and we need to evolve with our creative inputs so i suggest all to be there and not miss it.

Whenever there is a crisis or emergency we bloggers have been doing so much of good work in our field to facilitate better communication. Here is a requirement of a similar sort where we get our bit in the nation building process. We are not neta’s (politicians) but nations are built by people like us who would like to make a difference. So be there if you are interested to chip in your ideas and for other after the meeting the plans will be posted in my blog to know more about it. Have a nice day !

Just serving my time at Earth !

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20 thoughts on “Forthcoming Blog Camp Admin meeting – N-logue !

  1. Hey Thanks to all those who have shown interest in the initiative. I was very excited to be there in n-logue meeting.

    Nikhil the initiative is not restricted to blogcamp junta per se.

    Falguni from TeNet has initiated some communication on a Yahoo group as well. You can join the Yahoo Group – “tenet-ruralcontent”.

    Jacob – i also feel next meeting should not be on Sunday morning as lot of folks are having some constraints…lets see if we can plan for a post party meeting of Blogcamp gang at Saturday evening for a change.

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