The Knowledge Foundation and N-Logue Project !

Hi all, As promised we couldn’t hold the meeting over last weekend owing to tied up schedules and personal commitments for most of us and also the fact that this was the first weekend that we lay off after working constantly for the last 6 Sundays for the Blog Camp. All of us needed the break. But the developments happening cannot wait so let me post what this entire project of the tie up between The Knowledge Foundation and N-Logue is all about.

N- Logue project is run by the TeNet Goup in IIT Madras under Dr. Ashok Jhujhunwalla. The project is managed by Mr. Falguni, Ms. Saloni and Ms. Aarthi from TeNet.


The Project is about empowering the rural India to create digital content showcasing our native culture heritage and age old history and to preserve tradition of the people.

N-logue is also about bridging the digital divide and about creating an awareness among rural masses to take to blogging to make their voices heard across India.

N-Logue aims to showcase our expertise and craftsmen from rural India to the world and thereby create a source of commercial interest for such underprivileged masses. It is about providing recognition to such hidden talent and to ensure that relevant organizations take preventive and protective measures to preserve such talent pool from extinction.


N-logue aims to create a lot of kiosks (nodal points) across all villages in India. These kiosks will basically be connected to the Internet and will be equipped with connectivity and system with a web cam and camera. These kiosk will typically be manned by an operator who will act as the news aggregator of that village. Apart from running the kiosks these operators (KO) will also be news generator for the village.


We should find an active kiosk who has a reasonably smart (class XII graduate) person who has a flavor of writing. We would like her / him to prepare a story about his / her village every day (25 days a month) and post it to us (we will edit and put it on our site). The story could be on anything: news from village, interview of a person, about different people (profiling), about agriculture in village, school, water, disease and health care, crafts and skills, about shops, about government officers in village, politics in village, culture, festivals, about reaction to films and TV shows in village, electricity, lighting, roads, any other thing. We expect the person to generate 4 to 5 page story and have one photograph associated with the article.

This will be TeNeT sponsored work.

The role of The Knowledge Foundation

The Knowledge Foundation will work along with TeNet on the N-Logue Project using our team in educating the pilot group of 5 villages and their KO’s on the how to blog, We will form a team that will set the platform and the site where we can do this entire activity on a separate domain.


1.We define areas in which stories can be sent

2. To begin with we also give a pool of ideas that they should write on – as we move on they can add their own topics.

3. The 5 KOs could probably start a group blog – which is easy to use and maintain in both English and Tamil. Also they can easily add photo’s and audio/ video files to the blog.

4. We can make sure some of us read these stories and comment on a regular basis to keep these people motivated.

5. A one day basic training on how to blog can be provided to these KOs. This one day training can be provided hands on at site on the village itself. (Volunteers Please let us know..)

6. Subsequent training, assistance or interaction can be provided by using the bandwidth and connectivity that TeNet has with all these villages as a separate dedicated network which can be used to do live Video casting too..

7. A lot of support would be required from readers to encourage these people, that means a lot of need to blog about it – though money would be a major motivating factor, I think the recognition will also play an important role.

Points to be kept in mind during the entire hand holding process will be …

a. We should also look at what data would be attractive to marketers and involves creativity .. for example … tracking aspiration levels with different age groups can give insights into popular brands and their positioning ..

b. Focus will be also towards descriptive accounts of popular events would help identify the best times and place to run marketing campaigns.

c.One more topic we should encourage is movies – since it is a very popular form down south.

We invite more ideas as of now from our Bloggers Group Pls write to us…

For an initial hands on couple of us are planning to go to the village this weekend to conduct feasibility study and to do a Blog of one day in the life at the village. Interested people pls get in touch immediately as we need to book the tickets for the trip. We leave on Friday night reach there in the morning spend the entire day with the villagers (Bring your gadgets guys) record events, maybe try to blog, photoblog, videocast right from there to evaluate bandwidth and other issues and start back to chennai on saturday night so that we are back on sunday morning at chennai.

I feel this will be more meaningful side to our entire blogging community and look forward to an interesting and soul filling experience.

Work to do

1. First we need to set up The Knowledge Foundation Web site up and running and a blog installed so that all this can go there.

2. Next we need to design a very basic blog where we can bring all these content and start activity for all these villages

3. We need the techies to generate absolutely simple training material so that its easy to start all these KO’s on blogging.

Whoever wants to pitch in please let us know before 20th. evening so that we could do the relevant arrangements. We want to restrict the group to minimum bcos its initial fact finding trip only and regional blogger’s are the need of the hour.!

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