Rural Content Project between TeNet & The Knowledge Foundation MOM

Minutes of meeting held on Date: 20th Sep’06,6.30pm to 8.00pm,Café Coffee Day, Adyar

People Present:

Syed, Sunil, Raghavan, Sukumar, Balaji, Mahir, Vicky, Ganesh APP, Kausik, Baggy, Sankar Pandian, Ravi Shankar.



Key Points Discussed

  1. Syed updated everyone on the project as per interactions with TeNet.
  2. Group was very positive of supporting the pilot project for 5 villages in Mayiladuthurai area.
  3. Team of 5 people will visit Mayiladuthurai on 23rd Sep’06. These are – Syed, Raghavan, Vicky, Ravi & Sukumar. The main agenda of the visit is –
    1. To understand the rural kiosks environment
    2. Evaluate feasibility and Try live blogging while at Kiosks
    3. Conduct a project overview to 5 selected Kiosks operators
  4. Another visit will be made in Oct’06.
  5. During coming days teams will be formed for handling various aspects of the project.
  6. The key areas to be handled are –
    1. Backend Blog Admin Team (For server config, design and tool integration)
    2. Blogging team for training KO on content generation, Interaction with selected Kiosks, Team with TeNet
    3. KO Mentors
    4. Photoblogging, video blogging technical Coordination team
    5. Steering Committee on Overall project Management
  1. It was agreed that at all stages proper documentation will be maintained and this project will be showcased to PMI for adhering to global standards and processes being followed.
  2. It was suggested that next meeting could be held in TeNet premises, mid-next week.

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