Some great feedback and leads for the success of Blog Camp

Following the Blog Camp 2006 the core team has been flooded with offers to avail expertise on Various projects and we jumped the gun on the N-Logue project teaming up with TeNet (IIT Chennai) as many of us related it to a high priority task and need of the hour for Rural India. But we do have initiatives on the offers that have come our way and we would like to take them up as and when we could avail sizable resource to it. Outline here are 3 offers that we received apart from N-logue. And Kiruba has also received his share of offers on Barcamp Chennai 2007 and FOSS Chennai. We will Keep you all updated. It cannot get better than this!


Hi syed,

I have received very positive and encouraging feedback from anand (who represented enewss) at blogcamp chennai. We really appreciate giving us the oppurtunity to be associate sponsor.

Also one more aspect that arise out of my discussion with anand was to kick start the same euphoria witnessed at chennai in Hyderabad.

We would like to start in a small way in hyderabad. Could you help us in this effort?

Please let us know, if anyone else has already started this effort in Hyderabad, if not we will be more than happy to do there.

Any help/transfer_of_knowldedge will be highly appreciated and duly recognized.
Please email us at




Im Azhar on behalf of Malaysian students who love blogging everyday.

Congrats, to all BlogCamp India committees. I found your website after the unconference finish. What a wrong time… Anyway, i go through your programmed website, and i cant find any paper or article on conference session. Can i get the soft copies? Love to read all knowledge.

Another things, in Malaysia, we also have a club similar like India. It is Geng Jurnal or in English, The Journal Gang. I like to know more how to organize similar blog camp here. Could you give some advise?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Nor Azhar Bin Ahmad
Master Student’s In Bioinformatics
d/a PM Abd Manan Ahmad
Faculty of Computer Science and Information System
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Skudai
Johor Darul Takzim, MALAYSIA
Office Tel : +6075532359/32360
Office Fax : +6075532201/65044
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3. We have receive offers to present in the OnMedia Conference at New York

Hello Friend of AlwaysOn,

We wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to provide us with your program input for OnMedia, AlwaysOn’s new executive event focusing on the disruption of marketing, advertising, branding, and PR! The event will be held on January 29th-31st at the Mandarin Hotel in New York City.

Check out our program plans below and let me know what you think. Our goal is to make OnMedia the most powerful executive event of its kind in the heart of the media capital of the world.

OnMedia is where cutting-edge technology CEOs from companies such as YouTube, Technorati, MySpace and Quigo meet the advertising and media establishment. This two-and-a-half day industry insider event features high-level debates on which forces are disrupting and creating new opportunities in marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations. OnMedia also showcases 50 "top innovator demos" from CEOs who are revolutionizing the way media is being created, distributed, and consumed.

Here’s Who We’re Inviting:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

8:30 am � 9:30 am
Are There Chinks in Google’s Advertising Armor?
•  Iggy Fanlo, CEO, AdBrite
•  Larry Braitman, CEO, Adify
•  Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO, Blue Lithium
•  Mike Yavonditte, CEO, Quigo
•  Lance Podell, CEO, Seevast

9:30 am � 10:15 am
Track A—Top Innovator Demos: Mobile Marketing & Advertising
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Track B—Workshop: Become a Power Blogger
Power bloggers share their recipe for building reputation and audience. Learn the strategies and tactics that worked for them, and could help you build your power base.
•  Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine
•  Steve Rubel, MicroPersuasion
•  Michael Aringtonm, TechCrunch

10:15 am � 10:30 am—Break

10:30 am � 11:15 am
Track A—Top Innovator Demos: Online Advertising Service Providers
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Track B—Workshop: Manage Your Online Media Buy
There’s more to buying ads online than choosing which adwords to buy. Join the CEOs of startups with successful new buying approaches for publishers and advertisers.

11:15 am � Noon
Top Innovator Demos: Public Relations Firm Pitch Competition
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Noon � 1:45 pm—Lunch
Lunch Panel: What is Consumer-Generated Media Worth?
•  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook
•  Tom McInerney, CEO, Guba
•  Chris de Wolfe, founder, MySpace

1:45 pm � 2:30 pm
What are the Blogosphere Numbers Telling Us?
•  Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen BuzzMetrics
•  Dave Sifry, CEO, Technorati
•  Joe Davis, CEO, Coremetrics
•  Joshua James, CEO, Omniture

2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
Track A—Top Innovator Demos:
In-Content (Gaming, Audio, Video) Advertising

Demo Review by Industry Experts

Track B—Workshop: Learn What’s GoingOn
GoingOn is a network of networks. Learn how this new open web publishing and community management platform can benefit your company.

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Track A—Top Innovator Demos: Technology Enablers
Demo Review by Industry Experts

4:00 pm � 4:15 pm—Break

4:15 pm � 5:00 pm
Track A—Top Innovator Demos: Community Platforms
Demo Review by Industry Experts

5:00 pm � 6:00 pm
Can Brands Get Away with "Buzz Marketing" in the Blogosphere?
•  Steve Rubel, SVP, Edelman PR
•  Buzzer
•  Pitchfolks
•  Ogilvy PR

6:00 pm � 9:00 pm
Reception: Top of the Rock
Featured Entertainment/Presentation TBA—Big Name

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

8:30 am � 9:30 am
How Can Advertisers Go Mobile?
Featuring: Endemol,, and a leading mobile handset maker.

9:30 am � 10:15 am
Track A—Top Innovator Demos: Web & Blog Analytics & Research
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Track B—Workshop: Engage Contagious Behavior
Engaging contagious behavior is something of value to all tech companies, not just the few like MySpace, YouTube, and FireFox. This workshop will jump-start your efforts.

10:15 am � 10:30 am—Break

10:30 am � 11:15 am
Track A—Top Innovator Demos:
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Track B—Workshop: Harness Web Analytics to Your Advantage
Are you confident that you’re making the most out of your web analytics? Do you know what analytics can drive your business advantage? This workshop will show you how.

11:15 am � Noon
Top Innovator Demos: Advertising Agency Pitch Competition
Demo Review by Industry Experts

Noon � 1:30 pm—Lunch
Lunch Panel: Is It Possible to Achieve "Brand
Engagement" in a One-to-One Online Environment?

Featuring: Brandimensions, AOL, McCann, and Daimler Chrysler

1:30 pm � 2:30 pm
How Long Will Search Keyword-Based Advertising Dominate?
Featuring:, Yahoo, and Google

2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
Top Innovator Demos: Next Generation Search
Demo Review by Industry Experts

3:15 pm � 4:00 pm
How Much is the New Dotcom Worth?
Featuring: Battery Venture, Venrock, Deliva & Phillips, and Veronis Suhler

POSSIBLE PANEL: What is the Best Strategy to Get Your Brand in the Game?
Featuring: Massive, Electronic Arts, IGN Network, OMD, and

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