Sam Pitroda in sync with The Knowledge Foundation initiatives

Today one of our buddies (Babloo) happened to get an opportunity to brief Sam Pitroda, an inventor, entrepreneur and policymaker.He is the founder of C-DOT and one of the Tech minds of the Rajiv Gandhi regime and waw instrumental for all these yellow PCO boxes that have spread across india making telecom so widespread. He is also the CEO of World Tel Limited. Currently chairman of India’s National Knowledge Commission, we got some quality time to brief him on the efforts of The Knowledge Foundations and its initatives in relation to PROTO towards bridging the entrepruner with the moneyman (Venture capitalists) and N-Logue project towards bridging digital divide. He has accepted to support us in all aspects possible. This will set the entire platfor of the foundation in a different plane altogether in terms of credibility at the national level. And tomorrow i will be showcasing the Foundation’s efforts and initiatives towards society that we are currently doing at the UPA Hyderabad Launch. For today Thanx Babloo !

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5 thoughts on “Sam Pitroda in sync with The Knowledge Foundation initiatives

  1. Dear All & Syed,

    Yeah I did get audience of Mr Sam Pitroda (or as I now refer Sam). But me clarify that time was too short to discuss details such as PROTO or n-logue project support by The Knowledge Foundation. What was definitely agreed that TKF will have access to Sam and various people who are part of think-tank at The Knowledge Commission to be able to work along with them so that blogging can really enable them in their mission.
    Kindly note that as a fall out of this, the next step is that we will need to send an Intro mail to Sam and then Kribs is planning to get a podcast done with Sam. Parallely all of you can sync with the activities of The Knowledge Commission.

    btw, this post if from a place called Baramati, 140km off Pune from an Institute that is spread over 130 acres…see you soon back…get your bags packed…Serious bloggers wanted…send me mail at skgc7g at with subject as “TKC-TKF Project” and watch out on the project brief during coming days.

    Its great that the day this meeting happened Syed & Rags have managed to get TKF foundation papers for registration submitted and i guess we are all set for our website launch on 1st Nov’06, shall we say so…

  2. Syed,

    I am not sure if you are aware, but the n-logue project was very much a initiative of Dr. Ashok and Sam, and they both go quite a way back. I certainly don’t think that he’ll require an introduction for n-logue, but Proto, yes that would be nice.

    I’ll talk to Dr. Ashok and ask him to put in a word as well.


  3. Vijay,

    Yeah, it would help if Prof Jhunjhunwala could introduce The Knowledge Foundation to National Knowledge Commission. It would be better if this introduction is sent after Mayiladurai project is kicked off with revised scope etc. It would be great if you could join us for the project review coming week.

    Syed – great to see ur write ups from UPA meet Hyd…way to go man…Can we have review on Mayiladurai project on 18th evening at IIT? Atleast you, me & Falguni can sync up, anyone else available is most welcome, then later we can have a meeting on final project roll out roles etc with all key people from TKF as well as TeNet. this is my suggestion

    Cu soon, Sunil from camp Mumbai

  4. Sunil, I meant that Professor knows Sam Pitroda quite well and that Sam must be aware of N-logue. I heard from Falguni that you guys are doing something. I’ll let you carry on with that.

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