Usability matters in IT a lot – UPA hyderabad inauguration.

This noon i was at hyderabad responding to the invitation of Sameer Chavan, President of UPA Hyderabad on the eve of their hyderabad chapter inauguration. The event was an awesome effort and a tremendous initiative for combining usability professionals of diverse areas to look forward to some interesting times ahead. My first tryst with the concept of usability goes way back to 2001 when i was part of developing a portal named This portal was focussed on imparting relegious teachings of islam to a community of south indian muslims and also an effort to simplify and impart the custom rites to be carried out by every muslim while performing Haj. Thats when we had to focus on usability and related issues for the first time.Later i had the opportunity to be part of product development team on an ERP solution AMSYS on Property Management, then Squadron One (Fleet management Product) and then came SMICA an RFID – Barcoding enabled inventory management system. All this time some time or other usability had been one of the key aspects we have been looking at. Since 2006 and launch of our online fashion portal ( usability had become one of our key issues and this conference was very reinforcing for me on a very personal level.

Eric Schaffe and his associate have been great in providing some interesting insights into usability and its importance and relevance to the current IT scenaria. There was an interesting debate that we had with Eric on the emergence of Web 2.0 and the sudden emerging technology of Ajax and how it makes webyfying easier.Actually to look at that aspect at the outset ajax and similar technologies seems to give more flexibilty to developers at the same time it also gives ample room for developers to mess up usability. Very true the impending risk does exist !

Eric’s associate was providing an interesting speech on how cultural differences and geographical bandwidth provide a huge opportunity for Usability experts to play a more active role in day to day product / web development. After her speech i started my short speech on the efforts of The Knowledge Foundation and announcing PROTO to the crowd By request of Sameer we also outlined our recent success of Blog Camp to encourage similar activities at hyderabad too.

This also provided an excellent opportunity to network with Kaladhar Bapu of UMO (Usability Matters Org.), Usha and Ashish Tiwari who are very interested to network with TKF for their forthcoming meeting on World usability Day. There are some design competitions announced too about which i will be posting soon. Finally i had some interesting notes sharing with Muthukumar of Kanbay, Prakash Khot  / Saurav Mishra CTO of DIM DIM (a start up) and Krishna Raj of E-Delve (again a start up). We can expect all these friends at Proto soon.

At the outset Great Start for Sameer and team and TKF would be proud to associate with another similar team with a passion to share knowledge . Photos of this event are uploaded at Flicker with tags "upa" "hyderabad" "tkf" "syed" Good night folks. 

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2 thoughts on “Usability matters in IT a lot – UPA hyderabad inauguration.

  1. Hi Syed,

    It was pleasure talking to you and we really enjoyed your company.
    We are truly inspired and motivated of your conversation. I am sure we are going have a successful meet on 14th of Nov. at Hyderabad. I personally invite you to witness the celebration.

    Kaladhar Bapu,

  2. Hi Syed,
    Thanks for attending UPA Hyderabad launch event. Sameer and me (organizer and chief council member of UPA Hyderabad) felt very happy to see you all and we could meet our objectives and initiatives through this meet. Positively looking forward to meet you and volunteering at Nov 14th @ ISB.

    Happy World Usability Day!

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