Intresting IPO’s Info Edge, Lanco Infratech and Parsvnath Developers

Here are some screen shots of investment by one of my friend done over a period of last 4 months that has given him 52 % returns . Even investment done judiciously on blue chip Mutual funds only gained a fair 18 % over the same period of time 1. Info edge ( , (Expected returns minimum 40% gains) 2. Lanco Infra and (Expected returns minimum 25% gains) 3. Parsvnath Developers (Expected returns minimum 30 % gains)

Parsvnath is one of the leading real estate development companies in India with operations in 41 cities and 14 states of India. The company directly owns or helds development rights for an estimated 108.64 million square feet of saleable area. The company intends to develop 20 integrated townships, 27 commercial complexes including shopping malls, multiplexes, office space and a complete metro station and 25 residential projects. It also intend to construct 14 hotels and four information technology parks on commercial land acquired by us or in respect of which it has development rights.

Financials : Company’s Revenue from operations stood at 643 crores for the FY06, an increase of 212% over previous year. Net profits have shown a increase of 163%. For the quarter ended June ’06, the company has acheived a topline growth of 167 % over same quarter last year. Net profits increased by 226 % during the above period.

Positives :The company mentions its ability to identify emerging markets and assess the potential of a location, marketing network, diversified business model, timely and cost efficient completion of projects and transparent and efficient system of procuring materials as its qualitative strenghts.

Secondary Market: We forsee a lot of activity on the particular scrip Reliance Industries. Basically any trading decision has to be backed by two different kinds of information. Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. All market , sector , industry related growth information like M&A and growth prospects come under this head. For reliance the information is most favorable at this moment bcos 15 days back reliance launched its initiatives on consumer market by launching Reliance Retail (Reliance Fresh) a brand chain of supermarkets as a pilot in Hyderabad. The response is tremendous and guess what my house developer is doing the store for chennai. They are going with big plans just like the mobile thing. This is a very good news.

Technical analysis is about all these charts and graphs where you try to predict patters basically in a given trend and then back it up with strong reasonning. For this i have attached a day trade candle stick chart of the pattern followed on the reliance stock. The stock seems to have broken the top ceiling of 1264 last week and today reached a new level . The next expected range will be between 1310 as a good support and hitting upto 1420 levels.

Finally  Tenet is getting some exposure on the media on the rural initatives that is being done of which we are a part of the efforts. Expect more such coverage from the media on the same .

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