SUNTV rocks !

Today when most Asian markets like Nikkei and Hang seng have been dipping in the red most of us felt Indian market will follow suit. Some of us were breaking even on our positions on volatile stocks because since the last few days we had seen that the market was withholding good at 13K levels. There was a fever that it will break support at 13K . But the market outperformed every calculation allaying all fears. We saw that media stocks made a great rally and ended at 8% + gains. The stock on lime light was Sun TV which was the top performer for today. It gained 113 in intra day. Later tomorrow we need to analyse to follow the fundamental news related to this stock. December is usually a great month for media stocks .

As usual Reliance Industries was a regaining what it had lost yesterday up to 1292 levels. I am expecting that scrip to break the 1300 levels to go up to 1340. It gained from day opening at 1261 level. Gentleman the Indian tiger is roaring a totally different song compared to others

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