Soulful moments with Pankaj Udhas – A love affair spanning 15 years

My Tryst with Ghazals started when my dad got me a few albums of Pankaj Udhas way back in 1990. I was going through a major trauma in personal life when he nudged me into the world of Ghazals. Many times over those years I used to seek solace and peace listening to music particularly Ghazals. Pankaj Udhas had always been my favorite. After college I got into Jagjit Singh who is another world totally but both these maestros have made tremendous contribution to bringing such rich cultural heritage to the reach of common man. I grew up on a generation of modern music sans the classical period. I come from an era of Boney M , ABBA, Belafonte, Madonna, George Michael, M. Jackson graduated with Dire Straits, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Chris Rhea, Kenny G, Paul Mauriat so on … totally from a Jing Bang generation of POP. Both Pankaj Udhas and Jagjit Singh were my awakening to the classical music. And this evening was the first time I had the opportunity of listening to Padmashree Pankaj Udhas live and just 10 feet from me. It was a dream come true moment. I missed my dad who was a great lover of Ghazals.

Coming back to the concert which was in aid for charities conducted by the Madras Cosmopolitan Round Table 94. It started with a Ghazals welcoming the rain coinciding each visit of Pankaj ji’ bringing rain to chennai.

The entire evening was an overwhelming experience too hard to wear off easily. Hit after hit and each Ghazals had its own history and I was comfortably numb. The event was hosted at the Taj and there was an awesome aroma of food served at the corridor. But listening to the great Ghazals king belt out hit numbers one after the other was soul food. In our day to day hectic uber life we hardly get such an experience and hardly the time to absorb on a quiet living room.

Nikhalo Na be nakaab ….. zamana karaab hai … , Sharab cheez hi aisi hai …… ,

Chitti aayee hai aayee hai ……… , Finally ended at 11.20 PM with Ghoongoroo toot gaye……. Pankaj ji … YOU RULE. Totally soulful and brought back some very fond memories. A love affair over a period of 15 years reaches a crescendo.

On the concert I met Vijay Armitraj, Hemant Badani and WV Raman just to mention. Ok Folks good Night !

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