“I will go to the Supreme Court if required. I am not scared. I won’t be,” says Priyamvada devi

Today i came across the update on the news in relation to the Sashinath murder where the former minister Shibu Soren has been convicted by the court. And to hear that it was all possible because ot the strong willed Mother (india) Priyamvada Devi who at the age 83 rest after the verdict has been given on her son’s case. She makes us proud that she stood against the wrong despite the power weilded by some heavy handed politicians

Bravery impersonae ! In fact being brave on the spur of the moment is just a matter of instinct. But showing the Grit and determination to face all odds over a period of 12 yrs is a commendable act ! We need to constitute awards for standing up on matters like this ! We need more satyandra dubey’s and people who stand the long road for justice and what is right againt all might of the world ! Way to and an example of our elderly generation !

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