Why Orione recommends realty stocks : An Analysis of the market performance.

Many of my readers have asked me about my obsession on realty stocks. India is booming right now for all the right reasons. FII inflows into our markets are now into more structured sectors and the sign are all for long term investments and nothing looks shady or overnight growth. The GDP is growing at a healthy 8+ % and all investments are into sectors which involve cascading growth in dependent areas.

Going on a narrow down approach on the performance of stocks in the real estate sector. Here are some indicators  I would like to start with the top notch player Unitech. Unitech has touched a 52 week low of Rs. 8 come a long way and is now trading at Rs. 525. Ansal Properties started with Rs. 3 on a 52 week low is come by leaps and bounds is now trading at Rs. 1011 today. Upcoming listings post IPO are Parsvnath developers and Sobha Developers and i am sure we will see vibrant growth in both the stocks and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

As long as the West thinks to go east and that the world is Flat and when every corporation across the world is thinking to save the dollar and when we produce enough talent in India and as long as we strengthen our infrastructure to facilitate better amenities I am sure this industry will boom and the FII will continue to invest in India and through the entire process Realty market will grow by leaps and bounds. 

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Update on Sobha Developers IPO that closed today : The issue oversubscribed more than 104.17 times till 6 pm on November 29, 2006 surpassing IPO performances of Sun TV, Info Edge and Atlanta. A few more days and after some analysis we will come out with the opening price for this stock soon.

Update on Parsvnath Developers: Tomorrow the stock is opening on the market. Prediction for the opening price is likely between 420 (35% Premium) upwards for a stock that quoted 300 at IPO. Given today’s trend I am sure the pricing will be aggressive.

(Disclaimer: All views expressed here are individualistic and not a translation of facts so any decisions made by readers will be purely based on their knowledge and not to be considered under the influence of the author)

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