Is Santhi a hapless victim of official wrangle

Here is this individual who has worked hard towards gaining national pride is now being subjected to public embarrassment. She is no different from the army jawan who fights for our country and brings national pride.  Do we take it calmly ? Arent there incidences and famous players in the past who have had gender recognition problems but were still competing in the sports arena. There were few world class athletes too who had such issues. She hails from a impoverished society and has no so called " Mentors or guru " . Is that the reason why her case is being shoed away without any protests. Who is to be blamed in the fact that she was allowed to compete in the games but the officials in the first place did know that she has such an contentious issue ? Questions questions…. Who will stand for her amidst this public humiliation. We need answers and that better be fast. Event the poor in this country have the right to a fair hearing.

Totally offhand to this issue I remember during the Blog camp conference 2006 I chanced upon talking to an individual blogger " Living smile – Vidya ". She (transgender) is a blogger and basically from south India and she writes some great post. Everyone in the organizing team were encouraging to bring her to the lime light. We were also cautious that such focus should not be misinterpreted in  any negative publicity all steps were taken to protect that too but due to her personal commitments she couldn’t make it to the event. We still communicate . All of gods creation is divine. Good night folks !

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