Hanna Barberra (Creator of Tom and Jerry Show) passes away – End of an Era

Hanna Barberra (On the right in the picture) is the creator of the infamous Tom and Jerry Show. Tom and jerry have been entertaining us ever since the advent of TV and videos and we cannot think of cartoons without the mention of Tom and jerry. And to make that possible were these two people Fred quinby and Hanna Barberra. He passed due to natural causes at the age of 90. But he leaves behind such great memories of his work that will be in our memories for time immemorial. I salute the creator who brought happiness to all our living rooms by his antics in his two character TOM and JERRY

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10 thoughts on “Hanna Barberra (Creator of Tom and Jerry Show) passes away – End of an Era

  1. “Hanna Barbera” is actually a combination of the last names of the TWO creators of Tom & Jerry, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

  2. my 3 yrs son loves to watch this famous cartoons. he even hesitates to drink milk while watchng the program. iam here to know who r the creators of this great cartoons. and also to share the knowledge with my sweet little rascal

  3. By the way, after the cartoon that featured the Little Quacker, “The Duck Doctor,” Patricia Travers gave up the violin and dropped out of sight.

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