The shortlisted companies on PROTO to be announced today !

First of all, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a very successful Year in the days to come in 2007. The Team at Proto have been working quite hard to ensure that the companies that are presenting, the VCs that would be arriving, and the rest of the attendees find the event to be useful, and mutually beneficial.  With that, we announce the timing for the first shortlisting of companies to be announced.

Before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow (02 Jan 2006), the initial 45 companies that are selected for Proto will be announced. 30 companies from that list will be presenting their product, team and company on a timeslot of 8 minutes on the 21st of January 2007 in IIT Madras, Chennai before an audience of VCs, Media, Entrepreneurs and Technologists.

The list of the 30 companies that will be presenting will be announced on the 5th of January 2007. The remaining 20 companies of the first shortlist will be profiled as elaborately as possible and will be included as part of the kit that will be given to all the attendees and VCs for the event, to ensure that they receive attention as well.

With that, we say Good luck and look forward to tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “The shortlisted companies on PROTO to be announced today !

  1. Wow,
    can you please share a few more details? I was not aware of any news about it.
    Maybe I could have get involved, if I knew earlier.

    where can get the update about this one? and who are point of contacts, if you can please share?


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