Pantaloon Retail, Reliance Communications, Bharti, Sun TV and Sugar Sector

Happy New year Folks ! New year has brought new assignments and a lot of work my way and thus was totally occupied at work with absolutely little spare time to my blog. And with things getting hot at PROTO as we are in the last 14 days for the event so even our weekends are snatched for the cause. Anyway i did get time now as its 1 am in the morning as i post this blog about whats exciting for 2007.

2007 as many experts predict might be the year of the Midcaps. Most of the growth seems to be poised at that sector so every now and then i plan to do some cherry picking of the midcap and run some fundamental analysis of these companies. To start with i have a few that have come to my mind as a good prospect.

Pantaloon Retail. This is a stock going through some interesting times with lot of hushed up news surrounding this stock. Reports say that PANRET is on talks of striking a JV with Office products’ retailer- Staples of USA. Staples is a $ 20 Billion Company and if this JV goes through this stock is going places for sure. Unlike the other JV’s on the cards for 2007 this looks like a fair simple straight deal just a matter of time before it happens . Recommend a buy to see some short term gains from the JV.

Reliance Communications and Bharti in the Telecom Sector are going through great deal of turbulence and is a very long story. What are they vying for is the telecom company Hutch that is on the block . Earlier we had Maxis Communications, Vodafone, Texas Pacific also on the foray competing for that slice. Now its narrowed down to the two players RELCOM and BHATEL . Both seemed to be having deep pockets and supporters for the same. The  Ruias also seem to be playing their part in this deal. Both companies seem to have some visionary growth plans ahead. So looks like both companies are poised for market gains.

Sun TV in the Media Sector is going into its first AGM on 24th Jan 2007 since its IPO listing and looks like some exciting news is ahead on the cards. The stock is very bullish in the market and will remain so until the end of the month.

I would like to quickly run through the rumble at the Sugar Sector. Looks like a lot seems to be happening there with the governemnt trying to boost exports and so on the seasonal crop is supposed to peak typically in April with harvest and production so its a good time to buy but lets wait and watch for more commitment from the govt. end on the sugar market.

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