Ramdev and Lalu become the New age Management gurus ! Whats the rationale ?

Today we have Lalu Prasad Yadav talking at IIM for the success story of the Turnaround of Indian Railways. The measure taken by him were very basic and had to do with common sense and a third persons prespective. I think as entrepruners we also need to do some reality check in all that we do on a day today work. Recently i came across a blog written by Siddharta who had shared some of the management points that we Technopruners need to keep on check.  

  • Turn Your Passion Into an Empire ( I remember Sunil Mittal once quoting about entrepruners doing what they want in life while most of others end up liking what they do in life . It make a major differencec )
  • Succeed With Simplicity (Lalu did this )
  • Think Big (We should look at Reliance and their refinery that is being built at Dhampur . Amazing …! )
  • Obsess About Solutions, Not Problems
  • Turn Your Biggest Weakness Into Your Greatest Asset
  • Dare to Be a Social Entrepreneur
  • Strive for Moral Authority
  • Be an Industry Disruptor ( Look at Skype )
  • Evangelize for Technology
  • Trust Your Gut

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