Chris is in Town ! FIQ 2.0 plans unvieled !

Christopher Cholette, CEO – Fashion IQ and New Style Media Inc arrived at town this morning. He is here on a business visit and was discussing his aggressive plans for Fashion IQ 2.0. Chris was outlining his plans for 2007 and subsequently the discussion went towards his recently launched blogs on Menshoes and Business Shoes. These blogs are principally organized to keep the users abreast about any deals and sale that’s happening at the stores in US and in Europe. Plans to launch a User Forum where the users can get support related to shopping and also provide their views and inputs related to Fashion are being currently developed.

FashionIQ is one of the leading online retailer store focused on selling shoes for women and men. The interesting feature of Fashion IQ (Increase your Fashion Quotient ) is that the buyer get to choose and shop shoes based on different categories like color (BTW they have classified shoes based on 216 different color shades) style, make, brand, price range, finish so on … Based on all these attributes Fashion IQ has a method of measuring Fashion metrics for all its products ranging from highly fashionable In Vogue items to the least fashionable items. This online shop boasts of an range of 280,000 shoes in its shelves. Fashion IQ is very much associated with a some leading US retail store like Zappos.

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