The Knowledge Foundation unwraps Unconference

India’s first book authored by experts in the subject of Unconference by online collaboration is coming out from The knowledge Foundation.

Unconference Project is a effort by the members of TKF to combine the talents of experts and members of the online community who have been living and breathing unconference. Experts like Chris messina, Tim O Rielly, Dave Winer and more such experts add to the long list of online collaborators for this book.The plans of the launch of the book authoring efforts will commence with this weekend aligning to the Wiki Camp

The plans are to ensure that we finish this book in time for the release during BlogCamp 2007. We expect the synergy of the force behind the knowledge foundation to chip in as usual. See you all at the Wiki Camp

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2 thoughts on “The Knowledge Foundation unwraps Unconference

  1. Hi This is really exciting. I just posted a wikicamp booklet initiative on the wiki!
    The collaborative booklet will be a preview of the bigger and bouncier unconference book you are initiating! Cool man. We would love to be part of it! And learn from it…

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