Oscar Fever is here !

With 2007 Oscar round the corner there is suddenly a huge wave of celebrity gossip and nostalgic review of the films that made the list in the previous year. Some of the must see never miss movies that i would recommend are Narnia, The Notebook, Thank you for not smoking, Pirates of the Carribean Dead mans Chest, Island, The Insider and some of the hindustani stuff like Rang de basanti, Krish, Eklavya and one and only Lage Raho Munna Bhai

With Oscar a lot for industries get mileage apart from the entertainment industry . One among them is Fashion, Oscar celebrity Fashion does its usual round of talks and waves. Then there is the travel and tourism industry that also capitalises on the same. For me i get a very good excuse to spend my weekend watching some of my favorite movies rather than indulge with Mr. P. Chidambaram reviewing the budget.

BTW all is set for the Wikicamp and just the final finetuning to be done ! See you all there at Wikicamp

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