IPhone – The gadget of 2007 !

Apple and Steve jobs have always known to turn winners out of simple products. First there was Mac, then the ipod was a great to have device and now comes the Iphone. Each is a design marvel with high usability features to go with it. Then comes the marketing part of it. Iphone was a big buzz in the market for the last 9 months when every Mac user came out with his/her own interpretation of the design. Finally when Steve Jobs unveiled it at the LA summit it was a killer app. The sale is already made. Now the great pitfall i see for iphone will be the Time to market. Today geography is history no longer are we contrained by distances so how soon iphone makes it to the global market will strongly determine its penetration. For now i am embedding a video of the iphone launch for all readers to get a first hand look at the fone.Good Day Folks! 

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