Is india ready for GPS integration to make citizen friendly devices ?

Singapore is going ahead on a proposal to introduce panels of this kind that display information related to bus timings . This information is derived from a network supported by data provided from GPS devices that are place in individual buses and by calculating the relative positioning of the buses in the map and the relational distance and speed data is also captured to get the exact information as is displayed here. As a pilot phase these panels are being installed and commissioned across the stretch of Orchard Road. Subjec to the success of the same on realtime it might be implemented in a larger scale.  

Now the question that i would like to pose is india ready for such technology ?

Yes we are ready ! Earlier in 2006 we had launched the CARTOSAT satellite and subsequently INSAT 4 B that provides us with all these capabilities to churn good mapping for our terrain and greater accuracy

Now that we are technology capable I would like to pose the next bigger question

Is the Indian mindset ready to safeguard and encourage such technological commissioning ? Open for debate in our weekend meeting . Have a good day!

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