Movies I like that I recommend

A few weeks back i remember posting offhand on my blog about the list of movies that took me to think in different directions and it so happened Dinesh happened to read it and asked me surprisingly is Eklavya on that list ??? Then i realised what a screw up that post was …Nearly four weeks since and after a careful retro of my movie going experience and exposure ta da…. here is the list of movies that really made me think

  1. Doctor Zhivago,
  2. One that flew over the cuckoo’s nest, 
  3. Mission Impossible,
  4. Fiddler on the Roof,
  5. Cassandra Crossing, 
  6. Desert Warrior, 
  7. Braveheart,
  8. Godfather 2,
  9. Once upon a time in America, 
  10. The Insider, 
  11. Friends the series, 
  12. Life is Beautiful,
  13. Jurassic Park,
  14. Matrix

Dinesh take a cue ? BTW App ganesh nudged me the idea to set up the roof top film festival due to be held on this saturday and sunday at Sid’s roof top. The wish list of the movies and short films can be found here . Guess what Nandhu is coming in after a long sabattical from the knowledge foundation and its events. And this entire event being an all nighter with discussions and debates i think i will spend the rest of sunday on bed. Eagerly look forward to this weekend break. Good nite folks !

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