BCB3 and my experiences with BCB2 !

Barcamp Bangalore has always been a very pleasant experience for me One of the core reasons being that I am a visitor to the Bangalore and most of the purpose of me going there will be to get together for a learning and contributing ideas as such. My focus is more on the content and to derive value for that secondly it serves as a totally new pitch where we meet a lot of new people apart from the core team of Barcamp Bangalore (who btw are a set of amazing individuals) . My previous experience with Barcamp Bangalore was at 2006 when the second edition was held at Yahoo Labs. I have very pleasant memories of that camp. There was a large overdose of ROR, Pinko marketing and Taazza but it was scrum that really captured my attention and over the following weeks we at Fuente and Mecosoft developed this into a practice for smaller web based projects and today its one of the landmark standards that we established in 2006.

BCB3 I am sure will spark more such ideas into my mind.This time I will be there with an expectation as well as representing the brand of The knowledge Foundation as we want to spread the idea and the concept of knowledge sharing movement among the youth in India.

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One thought on “BCB3 and my experiences with BCB2 !

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