Indian Cricket team – Great Home coming!

Absolute Sitting ducks ! What was supposed to have been a stroll in the park has turned to be the worst nightmare for the Indian cricket team. With the gloomy news of Woolmer’s murder sitting heavy on the world cup proceedings the media is going very light on the team.We cannot discount the fact that such a dismal performance was never before seen in a world cup from India. This is the very team on whom India Inc spends more that 100 Crores in the way of sponsorhip, brand endorsements and appearances. I wouldnt be surprised if the sensex on the large caps take a dip on monday. Such a perilous performance and the overplayed media hype around the team that it will bring the cup back pls guys wake up to reality, this indian team is like a pack of sitting ducks on dark pond waiting to be hunted down. Minnows are roaring and the diseased and old lion is yet to wakeup. This team is good to play in doctored indian pitches and fixed foreign grounds. I hardly write about cricket but to see that corporate india is wasting so much on such a bunch of jokers makes my blood boil. Anyway happy homecoming ! At least now all these companies will realise their mistakes.

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