Numeric Fuente site with a new look and feel !

Numeric Fuente has redone its web presence with a totally new look and feel conveying their strength in global deliveries and quality management. " Fuente " is a latin american word that means Fountain and in this context refers to "  the fountain of knowledge " . Numeric fuente is a 100 % Joint venture company that has sprung from a successful relationship between Numeric Answers, Canada and Fuente Systems Pvt Ltd., India on the premise of creating a convenient and successful global delivery platform for companies to manage all their accounting needs in a effecient and effective manner. This concern has a pool of highly resourceful accounting professionals who manage accounts and related records of companies in record time while these companies can take care of their core competency in their related domains and functions, effectively. Globally all CFO’s and CEO’s are more detetmined to cut cost and increase quality to compete in the global marketplace and with firms like this pitching forward to take care of all your non core functions at a competitive price advantage it becomes more of a logical choice for companies to talk to firms like Numeric fuente to discuss the possibilities. The current site clearly elucidates their funtional leadership in the related areas and also thows immese light on the offshoring advantage. Chitraprabha of Numeric Fuente says  " Your accounts department works and churns numbers while you sleep " .  With the able support of Frances Zomer and Azim Fancy in sharing crucial management and customising initiatives across from canada it creates a strong domain platform for best results for both the client and the company.

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