Monsoon is not so Soon !

With the sweltering heat of the summer amidst us most of the IT community takes cover on the safe haven of their plush air conditioned offices and once in a while in between meetings we end up on the roads commuting from one place to another … and there you see some strong overpowering images that really take you to thinking … Once such image and one such moment came in my recent travel as well. Al Gore talks about global warming , greenhouse gases and so on but as responsible citizens what intiatives are we taking on this regard. A week back i was talking to my friend Ravi who is building an interesting proposal of deriving alternate fuel (Biodiesel) from Jathropha. We were basically on discussion about the ways to empower rural india and in the process make it a profitable venture as well. Bridging rural divide is a very macro issue that needs to be viewed beyond cost / benefit ratios and profitablity. We are looking forward to interesting parties who are ready to join hands with us on this social venture .

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