Barcamp Bangalore third Edition rolling !

Proceedings on the Mobile Room

Deepak from Motvik started the session with Camera Phones and its posibilities related to todays world. Disruptive technology? New possibilites of misuse of proprietary information! Tsunami videos and London Bombing and Citizen Journalism and Sadaam Hussein Hanging and its effect. Still the commucation of images and videos are still not happening as the networks are premature to feed the bandwidth. Session 2 was on Activ "Mobs" by Akshat which is a very interesting concept of creating mobile groups of friends for sending messages and collaborate together. Session 3 was on Prevalence of Broadband and its penetration in india and how wifi and wimax can be great enablers to achieve the same presented by Sloka. On the break i met Ramesh babu of Austal Group who was very interested to participate and contribute in The SHOOT , a photography evnt by TKF due to be held in May 2007. Session 4 was on Hadoop Map-reduce avery interesting concepth that i might blog technically in a separate post.Post lunch on the strategies to be followed on PROTO and the willingness of the bangalore team to collaborate ob PROTO SE. It was decided that the Third edition of Proto due on 21st Jan 2008 will be held in Bangalore. Good day Folks!

Post lunch on the Internet Room

Web 2.0 as blogging platform presented by looks like a polished version of Pro blogger with better aggregation to be done in it. Then there was a session on Intelligent Social Networks (Socionets) are the buzz of the future. Pls check to know more on the collaborative spirit of Socionets. There was a session spearheaded by Kiruba and Me (Syed) on the UNBOOK project. We took the initiative to create and rally for authoring to churn content and buzz on "the unconference book" We suceeded in creating visibility for the project among the BCB3 participants. There were professionals like Raj Datta (GM of Knowledge Management) from Mindtree and Payal of OSC who have expressed great interest to take up initiatives with the Knowledge Foundation on this project. This is just the fraction of the share of people who met our other friends from TKF. The day was great and look forward to a equally exciting networking dinner tonight and an interesting day ahead.

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