Airbus with its golden geese on the air !

This is not a bird, is not superman but the realistic marvel to hit our skies in 2007. Airbus Industris latest offering the A380 is sure an engineering marvel on the sky. This Jumbo jet looks so huge that you could hardly believe if such a behemoth can take of the ground with such relative ease as it does.

The A380 can hold a maximum capacity of 519 people and the plane weighs around 569 metric tons. Compared to the average jumbo jet, the A380 has clear strategic advantages like 30% less noise in the cabin and has 40% greater passenger capacity. It also consumes 20% less fuel. Here is the making of the A380 video from the National Geography and it looks amazing with a 9 minute behind the scenes footage from the hangar of the making of the jumbo A380.

A380 was showcase in major airshows in 2006 to gather orders from major airlines such that production can start on the same. Singapore airlines will be the first to fly A380 on air commercially, receiving their first of a 19 plane-order this October 2007. Other airlines include on the order list of the Airbus 380 are: Qantas, for 20; Air France, for 10; Virgin Atlantic, for 6; Thai Airways, for 6; and Korean Airlines, for 5. Emirates takes the cake for an order of 43. Rumours and unconfirmed sources reveal that Kingfisher airlines has made some order for the same too. But most planes won’t be delivered until 2009.

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