NarayanaMurthy : Indian President for these times !

Mr. Narayanamurthy for the post of President of India ! Suddenly one of my teenage fantasy seems to be coming true. Back in college i was a great fan of Jeffery Archer and the character of Florentyna kane is so overpowering that it remains iconisied in your imagination. Today there is a possibility to see that in reality here in our electoral process. Why not ? Now that India Inc has been surging forward with is global acquisitions and mergers happening here, we need vibrant visionary self made leaders to take the nation ahead . The world is watching India as the most emerging economy of this decade.

For the last 4 years India is shining ! With our current President Kalam lending so much credibility to the Indian subcontinent in the global arena we are seen and respected as a country to be taken seriously in terms of technological advancements and our Space initiatives. He is known for delivering his ideas on presentations among global leaders he meets and a stickler to time management in his video conferences with his subordinates and other civil servants. Leaders who met him were intimidated by his knowledge and greatly humbled by his approach.A definite favorite among children, students, youth and the poor masses of our nation, he will remain to be one of the all time popular presidents of our time to have so much credible air to the post that anyone in our times has done. But it seems the democractic process has taken its toll on him and he has his apprehensions when it comes to continuing for the second term. In Indian democracy as we all are aware the presidents role is very much limited and it has its own limitations. Political parties in the past have been using the post for appointing people who are yes men to the ruling parties this has been a reason for dissent of many presidents in the past . Such expectation of the ruling parties dont augur well for likes of people like our current president. 

In a President representing india in the global stage all we need is a visionary who has been there and done that, a practical hands on man who has done it before and who can carry forward his people management skills to a bigger platform.  If an individual  can create a 1 lakh, Crore brand called Infosys from just $ 250 and if such a person sits at helm of affairs, we can see a great step ahead. Yesterday when Mr. Kalam expressed his comments at Infosys Mysore it has opened new possibilities in our political arena. And to be vouched by no other than the current president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is a great recommendation by itself. Is it a symbol of trend to follow in these times? To carry forward the good work of President Kalam now that he is not ready to continue another term i think that there is no better choice than Mr. Narayanamurthy. Lets set aside religion politics, caste politics and look forward for an entrepruneur as the President of India.

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9 thoughts on “NarayanaMurthy : Indian President for these times !

  1. Hi Syed, I think Narayana Murthy would make a better prime minister than president since the president is just a rubber stamp in the Indian Government.

  2. Hi Payal,

    ” I definitely agree that PM would be a much effective post but PM is a long way as it requires so many parameters to be in place like you need to be a favorite of the party that comes to power. Secondly todays governments are all about coalitions and compromises to accommodate the whims of smaller parties (its a very complex equation) . India has not arrived at that stage yet. Our president kalam has set a trend for non politicos to be accepted as president and its the right time to capitalize on that opportunity”

  3. Hi syed,
    I completely disagree. Respected Mr Narayan murthy is not a good fit for Prime Minister post nor for a President post. Actually he is not good for any post which requires public speaking.

    If you look at his past speeches
    1) He has spoken against politicians and their coruuption strongly to the extent of discouraging us from voting and or participating in democartic process.
    2) He is strictly against Reservations in Private sector and doesn’t give any strong basis for his opinion.
    3) He has lately enraged the nation by making a silly comment that ‘Singing a national anthem in the premises of Infosys campus might embarass the foreigners”. He has apologised for the same, but……
    4) Infosys is involved in land grab in almost all major cities and he still oposses the SEZ policy conveniently forgetting that Infosys did the same.

    Infact Narayana murthy is at best one hit wonder and can’t repeat that at the political level.
    He simple can’t withsatnd the pressure. This is my opinion and i stand by it.
    He has held one such responsible position in Karnatak and resigned from that post without giving a much tougher fight for the corruption that was going on. I believe this was related to some privtization issue.

  4. Should Bill Gates become president of USA? Should Larry Page or Sergey Brin become president of USA! Should Richard Branson become PM of UK!

    Then why Murthy !

    The point I amtrying to make is that Murthy is an excellent enterprenuer and should remain that. India is shining ,yes but only in parts.Drive few KM into the hinterland. India is a complex country with complex realities of caste,language,religions etc.I dont think Narayan Murthy would become a good president.How can a man who is ashamed of National Anthem sung in fornt of few forgeiners ever become president of a nation state!Nation states are not run like MNCs. Murthy is a good business man but thats about it.

  5. Well, frankly, the question isn’t whether Bill Gates gets to be the President of the States.

    For much too long, we have been looking at the West for guidance (which is not so bad), and worse, throwing away innovative and effective ideas simply because the West hasn’t yet thought of them (which is quite bad).

    Agreed that the Chairman of Infosys may know little of how rural India works, but the President is only a symbolic head. As a country, it will very positively affect our image as a country that “means business”.

    And since the symbolic head can only affect the image, why not go with the best?

  6. Hi Chinmay,

    In this case India is setting trends again it works here becos the president of india is much about a symbolic head of state (as you said) and not any serious politician per se no one takes much note on it. But soon people will take note of the fact that non politicos will work well for the presidency than the rest .

  7. What I feel about President role is that he has to be conscience keeper & watch dog of democracy ? why not he call each overnor once in a month & speak to him what he heard or received , thereby every day he is with one state . governor will inturn keep a watch in his state , call CM 7 take him into confidence to set right ?
    A very great Job can be done . Why not ?

    K.P.SARMA hyderabad

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