Knowledge Management Initiatives by corporates in the Indian Inc. space

Knowledge management seems to be the new Fad among corporates in India Inc. and this post is basically to break the myth around it and also to throw light on what is Knowledge management all about and its role in corporates today. This post is also after the culmination of the discussion i had with Mr. Raj Datta , head of  Knowledge management at Mindtree Technologies, Bangalore and Kiruba

India is hailed to be one of the fastest growing economies of the third world and one of the key driver of this economy is the strides that we have taken on the technology space and in IT  development. So at the outset Indian economy can be more aptly termed as the Knowledge Economy. Globally there is a shift of markets are revolving around such Knowledge economies as the world of tomorrow is all about the power of knowledge. Knowledge to collaborate and contribute and technology acts as a big enabler for such knowledge management Initiatives.

" Give a man fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish – you feed him for life ". Knowledge acquired has to be shared otherwise its pointless and death of that knowledge. And corporates have been pools of such knowledge and talent. Knowledge management in Corporates is the capacity of an organization to adopt and exploit technology, information to create innovation and productivity. It is the ability of the organization to translate information into knowledge. Knowledge management is also about accrual of collective information, standards maintained and practices followed as a common pool. This effects better decision making process. Its a team process and involves contribution and participation from one and all.

Knowledge Management Initiatives at Fuente and similar corporates: Corporate Blogging has been one of the initatives to manage KM process in Fuente . Disemmination of knowledge and sharing of knowledge across the company is possible in a very democratic manner using the vehicle of blogs. This allows individuals to contribute towards finetuning the kowledge storage by adding their experiences and lessons learnt on particular processes.

Webforums: This is another popular knowledge management initiative among technical groups. By creating web forums and forming special interest groups around specific funtionalities like Quality management, Testing intiatives and programming groups, forums help in free participation of individuals across heirarchy and across geographical locations. Online forums help in free exchange of messages of common interest 

WebPortal: Portals help in Corporate branding serves as a starting point or gateway for all knowledge management initiatives like corporate learning and teaching needs for employees. Creating a pool of developmental tools that can be kept as viable access to all the employees alike.Creating high utility value to the same by integrating informations systems like Project tracking tool, HRIS so on.

End of the day the success of any knowledge management initiative lies in its capablity to address the following 3 questions

1. How relevant is Knowledge management to what i do ?

2. What are the inputs expected of me in my capacity?

3. What is in it for me to gain?

Knowledge Management is a very good practice when it come to enriching the organizational resources. It is one of the means of corporate self sustained growth that all leaders should focus on to practice, We should think of small initiatives, set doable target that evoke the interest of the employees without overburdening their workload. We need to identify champions in our organization who can spear head such initiatives who can communicate and set realistic expectations. End of the day we should communicate the true meaning of knowledge management as a holistic approach towards managing the organizational greatest resource: The human mind ! Good Day Folks !


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4 thoughts on “Knowledge Management Initiatives by corporates in the Indian Inc. space

  1. Hi Syed, I have a couple of KM research papers if you’re interested in reading them. About my core competencies, I’ll be talking about those and my work on a separate work blog where my partner blogs as well( and my personal one ( I use basically for random rantings and observations. I’ve got some interesting stuff for you for our saturday conversation. Looking fwd to it.

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