Fun in the rooftop Exposed !

Rooftop fun hit the roof with this article ! What we started as a fun exercise of bringing in a lot of like minded individuals who are pretty jobless over the weekend and would rather spend the entire night talking to similar people over films and also a excellent source to loosen up has been making the talk of the town now. To think of RTFF formation at roots is about Ganesh, Dinesh, Siddarth, Nandhu and me. We all just wanted to have some fun. Last edition we had a great crowd and we are taking efforts to fine tune the entire process. For the next edition we are on lookout for a roof and we are also yet to freeze the theme. I already have an offer for hosting from one of our friends, Falguni. We invite one and all to post your inputs here. Good Day !

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2 thoughts on “Fun in the rooftop Exposed !

  1. Syed that is a nice article by Ruth. We must thank her for this. I am going to put this in the wiki 😀

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